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Application of MFB Counter Flow Closed Cooling Tower


HON MING MFB series counter flow closed cooling tower is cooled water flow inside the coil(pipe), the spray water and air outside the coil, so the cooled water is no touch with outside air, this can guarantee the cooled water system pure.  

Application of MFB counter flow closed cooling tower:

Application in photovoltaic industry

In the photovoltaic industry, the safety of PCW system of single crystal furnace and polycrystalline furnace ingot is extremely important, so the requirement of circulating water quality is very high.

Application in machinery industry

In industrial production, high-speed running equipment will generate heat, which needs to be discharged in time to prevent high-temperature damage of equipment, such as air compressor water jacket, injection mold cooling, transformer cooling, engine water jacket cooling.

Application in air conditioning industry

Evaporative condenser is used in the air conditioning industry, the condensation temperature and pressure drop significantly, water source heat pump system room air conditioning system.

Application in special industry

Cooling of special fluids in some industries, because the fluid can not contact with the outside world. Such as quenching oil, sewage, emulsion, etc., need to use completely closed, heat exchange arm is generally tube box type, in order to facilitate maintenance.

Water loop thermal air conditioning system cooling

The safety of equipment to be cooled in metallurgical industry is very important, so the quality of circulating water is very high, such as the circulating water of blast furnace in iron refining, the oxygen gun furnace cover in the crystal storehouse furnace in continuous casting, etc.

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