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CLP (Sihui) Thermal Power Co., Ltd


Project: CLP (Sihui) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Product: MHB Series Cross-flow Closed Cooling Tower

CLP International (Sihui) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. is the first wholly-owned, constructed and operated subsidiary of China Power International Co., Ltd. in the Pearl River Delta region. The project covers an area of 450 mu, which is a high-quality large project of tax creation, technology, environmental protection and scale.

It is expected that after the first phase of the thermal power project is put into operation, the annual GDP will reach 2.5 billion yuan, the annual power generation will be 3.6 billion kW.h, and the heat supply will be more than 6 million GJ. After being put into operation, CLP International (Sihui) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. will supply power to Guangdong Power Grid, becoming a support point of Zhaoqing power grid structure. The heating system will provide thermal energy services for enterprises in the Sihui Industrial Park of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, which will be used to replace small boilers in factories and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

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