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Central Air Conditioning Maintenance Guide in Winter


Note 1
When the unit long time used in low temperature environment, please pay attention to the unit running situation. And inspect the unit operation and stop run the unit to take anti-freezing measures, to avoid affecting the normal heating in winter and the health state of the unit.

Note 2
When the unit stops running in winter, all air conditioning equipment (chiller unit, terminal unit), should empty the circulating water in the cooling coil (condenser). Open the drain valve and vent valve, using compressed air to drain the remaining water to avoid the unit freezing crack and damage.

Note 3
When the unit runs in winter, do not turn on chiller when the chilled water and cooling water system is not circulating to avoid damage to the internal parts of the unit;

01 Ensure the liquid inside the coil (condenser) is flowing, and the water temperature is above 5℃ or add antifreeze

02 When the outdoor fresh air unit stop run at night, close the fresh air damper. And ensure the liquid inside the coil (condenser) is flowing, an auxiliary heating device can be used if necessary.
03 Correct use of the unit ensure a comfortable environment and unit normal running.

Note 4
The air system combined air conditioning should check whether the filter is blocked and whether the fan drive belt is wear. If there is blockage or wear, the electric heating will be high temperature, and cause stop running protection, no heat source, and low air supply temperature, etc.

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