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Cooling Tower Installation Essentials


1. The suction port of the circulating water pump should be placed below the water level of the water collection pan of the cooling tower, and the water outlet pipe of the cooling tower must not be higher than the highest water level of the water collection pan;

2. The cooling tower should be placed horizontally, not inclined, so as not to affect the cooling effect due to uneven water distribution;

3. Pipe racks should be installed, and the cooling tower should not directly bear the weight of the pipeline;

4. When multiple cooling towers are used together, it is recommended to install a connecting pipe to balance the water level of each tower;

5. The cooling tower fan has been tested for balance, the fan blades should be installed at the same angle, and the installation must be matched;

6. After the motor is wired, the wiring hole should be sealed to prevent water from entering;

7. The allowable minimum distance between the air inlet side of the cooling tower and the building is related to the tower type and the number of assembled units.

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