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HON MING Exhibition in May 2024


The 7th Asia Green Factory Conference & Exhibition

2024(7th) Green Factory Conference will be held on May 23-24, 2024 at Jiangsu Wuxi International Convention Center. The conference plans to invite more than 100 professional elites including academicians, masters, well-known experts and scholars to make technical report, and more than 100 high-quality suppliers to participate in the exhibition to attract more than 3,000 representatives from the advanced industrial owners, contractors, consulting and design institute, research institute, equipment suppliers etc. To continue help China's advanced industries more green, lower carbon, safer, more environmentally friendly, more intelligent.

In this conference, HON MING will in-depth communicate with various industry experts at booth C34, and we sincerely invite you to share your professional idea and industry experience with Hon Ming.

The 9th CLNB China New Energy Expo

CLNB 2024 (9th) China International New Energy Industry Expo will be held on May 29-31, 2024 at Suzhou International Expo Center. The conference was organized by Shanghai SMM, with the theme of "Smart carbon, Green Future", focusing on the new energy for industry development, technology innovation, energy storage application, new energy vehicles, key minerals and other fields. Concentrated display of lithium, sodium electricity, energy storage applications, hydrogen energy and fuel cells, photovoltaic industry, charging and replacing, new energy materials, high-end intelligent equipment, new energy vehicles, three power systems etc.

HON MING was invited to participate in this expo, and HON MING central air conditioner,cooling tower and other equipment will be displayed under the theme of Smart carbon, Green Future. We sincerely invite you come and discuss with HON MING to help the development of new energy industry.

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