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Cooling tower operation and maintenance Ⅰ


Daily operation of the cooling tower

1.Prepare an economical and reasonable operation mode according to the production load, meteorological condition and the status of each cooling tower.

2. Reasonable adjust and distribute the water load of the cooling towers, so that the comprehensive water temperature after cooling is the lowest (exclude winter operation). Reasonable adjust the water level of each water basin in the cooling tower, so that the spray density is uniform and reasonable. The water level of the water basin is not allowed to be too high and direct overflow, the water level difference in the same tower should < 10% to 15%, and the temperature difference of the outlet water in the same cooling tower should not exceed 1℃.

3.Regular observe and record the operating parameters of each cooling tower, generally every 2 hours. The record contents include meteorological condition, cooling main equipment operation, cooling tower operation condition etc.

4. Often observe the water level of each cooling tower water basin and circulating ditch, so that the difference of the water level <15% in different parts. Adjust the make up water in time to keep the circulating pump working normally and avoid the overflow. When the difference between the water level around filter mesh is >10 cm, it means that the filter mesh has been blocked, and the filter should be cleaned immediately.

5.The correct implementation of economic and reasonable drainage plans: Observe the pollution and water quality of cooling tower; Regularly check and maintain the normal operation of the drainage system, and make relevant records.

6.According to the winter meteorological condition, production load and cooling equipment status, prepare the winter operation plan and winter anti-freezing measures of the cooling tower group.

7.Correct implementation and reasonable adjustment of winter operation plan and anti-freezing measures: reasonable operation of cooling towers in winter shutdown; Put the special water distribution device for anti-freezing; Measure the temperature regularly and adjust the windscreen; Timely remove the harmful hanging ice; Protect measures are empty the store water or circulating water should be taken for the shutdown equipment to avoid freezing.

8.Observe the leakage of cooling tower such as water basin and circulation piping. When the cooling tower is shutdown, it can be judged from the change of water level; When the cooling tower is running, it can be judged from the change of water supply and water level. If necessary, organize the inspections.

9.Periodic analysis of the changes in the thermal characteristics and its reasons, and analysis of the economic benefits of the cooling tower operation.

10. Regularly inspect and record the defects of the cooling tower and circulating water system, and report to the relevant parties.

11.For rotating equipment such as cooling tower fan, strengthen the monitoring during operation: Mechanical friction sound, blade swing, motor temperature rise, gearbox and bearing oil level changes and oil pump operation.

12.In the cold season, should avoid the condensate water is too cold in operation, and the number of circulating pumps and cooling towers can be determined after calculation and testingto determine the circulation water volume in winter operation according to meteorological conditions and load conditions. Of course, there must be contingency measures to prevent sudden climate change.

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