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Round Cooling Tower Installation Essentials


FRP round counter flow cooling tower is an equipment product developed by HonMing through years of design, production, sales and maintenance of cooling tower equipment, which has accumulated rich experience and combined with advanced heat exchange technology at home and abroad.    

Round cooling tower installation essentials:

1. The cooling tower should be placed horizontally, cannot be tilted to avoid uneven water distribution and affect the cooling effect.

2. Gas welding and electric welding are not allowed on the top and inside of glass fiber reinforced plastic tower to avoid fire.

3. The suction port of circulating water pump should be placed below the water level of water collecting pan of cooling tower. The outlet pipe of the cooling tower should never be higher than the highest water level of the water collecting pan.

4. Pipe rack should be set instead of directly bearing the weight of pipe.

5. When cooling towers are used together, it is recommended to install connecting pipe to balance the water level of each tower.

6. The fan of cooling tower has been tested for balance, and attention should be paid to the fan blade and wheel arrangement during installation:

7. After the motor is connected, the wiring hole should be sealed to avoid water inflow.

8. The cooling tower should be far away from the fire during installation and use.

9. When connecting the water pipe, the fire should be carefully prevented.

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