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Cooling Tower Installation Safety Precaution


At the work site, safety issues are the first consideration, and the installation, use and maintenance of the equipment must be completed by professionals;

  1. Gas welding, electric welding, etc. are not allowed in the top of the cooling tower to avoid fire;
  2. The cooling tower should be removed from the fire during installation and use; be cautious of welding fire when connecting the cooling water pipe;
  3. When installing steel parts and FRP parts, you must wear safety helmets, gloves, sleeves and goggles throughout the entire process to avoid accidental damage during installation;
  4. Without first ensuring that all fans, pumps and motors are disconnected and locked, do not carry out any maintenance work, and do not approach the fans, motors or remove the inside of the cooling tower;
  5. The air chamber top panel and water pan cover of the cooling tower are not suitable for walking surfaces or working platforms;
  6. Under any circumstances, it is not allowed to operate the equipment when the fan cover, panel and access door are not in place.
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